Repair of equipment

Tool production of «Polymer-Electron» plant carries out routine (preventive), secondary and major repairs of manufacturing equipment.


When troubleshooting of equipment, 3-coordinates FARO measuring complex, identifying with a high precision the rate of both surface defects and general level of moulds and dies wear, is used.


There are methods of moulds and dies recovery not less, than means of their manufacturing.


According to the results of diagnosing and the character of defects skilled specialists of the plant, in each concrete case, identify the most effective repair method.


With the help of FARO measuring complex the rate of wear of used details is identified, 3D model of the detail is built, method of its repair (welding, insertion-piece) or of a new detail manufacturing is determined. Then machining on HAAS mechanoprocessing centres and SODIK, AGIE electroerosive machines is carried out.


Having an up-to-date machine-tool park, providing qualitative implementation of turnery, milling, coordinate, of all kinds of grinding and other repair and recovery works, skilled specialists of «Polymer-Electron» plant tool production offer the whole complex of services in maintenance and repair of moulds and dies of different complexity levels.

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