Foam polystyrene production

Foam polysterene is widespread in different spheres of our vital activity – from insulating and heat insulating materials to design constructional elements, but in addition, it is widely used as indispensable material for packaging of articles of a complex configuration intended for a whole number of industrial and household goods, which require impact protection when storing or transportation.


Foam polystyrene production of «Polymer-Electron» plant is based on up-to-date automatic complex of Italian PROMASS firm, manufacturing goods of foam polystyrene (EPS).


Existing production capacities of the plant makes it possible to produce a wide range of goods:

- packing tare for household appliances;

- construction materials – thermal blocks, heat-insulating material etc.;

- decoration elements – framings, mouldings, rosettes etc.

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Characteristics of PROMASS complex


Working dimensions of the machine

Mobile detail (punch), mm

2000 х 725

Fixed detail (matrix), mm

2020 х 745

The 3-d plate, mm

2070 х 795


Steam, kg/cycle


Water, l/cycle


Compressed air, HI/cycle


Power consumption, kW/h



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