«Polymer-Electron» plant tool production is up-to-date high-tech complex and highly skilled specialists with long-term experience in production of manufacturing equipment.


By their manufacturing capacities tool production of «Polymer-Electron» plant is second to none in the Western region of Ukraine, it is provided with highly productive equipment of leading world producers: HAAS (USA), SODIK (Japan), JAPAX (Brazil), AGIE (Switzerland), JOEN LIH (Taiwan), OKAMOTO (Japan), MITSUI SEIKI (Japan), EYAPT JAPAX (Brazil), EROWA (Switzerland), FARO (Switzerland) etc.


Computer control centre, scanning, 3D-designing technological tracking on the base of CAD/CAM/CAE system provide high precision, shorten terms of moulds and equipments manufacturing.


The main range of «Polymer-Electron» plant tool production is:

- moulds for: plastics and metals injection molding, precision casting, forming of reactive layers, pneumo- and vacuum forming;

- dies for: separation operations (stamping, punching, cutting-off, cleaving), form changing operations (forming, bending, stretching, removal of flange), operations of combined and consecutive actions (special).


Besides of facilities manufacturing the plant renders a wide range of services in metal working:

- electroerosive metal working - cutting out, broaching;

- mechanical metal working on NC machines and versatile machines – lathe, miller, surface grinding works etc;

- heat treatment of metal details;

- repair of moulds and dies of any complexity level.


Design and manufacturing of industrial equipment are carried out according to the standards, drafts and drawings of models, and also to the mathematical models, given by a customer.


On the base of tool production fixture it is possible to manufacture and repair equipment of any complexity level.

If you are interested in our offers, details of your order you can send by email office@polymer.electron.ua, b.olenyuk@polymer.electron.ua.




Production facilities сharacteristics


«Polymer-Electron» plant tool production includes:

Design and technological department with computer centre of control, design and technological tracking on the base of CAD/CAM/CAE system. The department carries out the designing of articles, including 3D-modelling with the further manufacturing of necessary design documenation and technological tracking of equipment manufacturing.

Mechanical shop, equipped with the park of:

- HAAS VM6, HAAS VF 2, HAAS Mini MILL, HAAS SL20, HAAS TL 1 processing NC centers;

- machine tools of grinding group: JOEN LIH JL-7015ATD, OKAMOTO АС63SA, OKAMOTO PSG-84YAN surface grinding machines, OKAMOTO IGM-2MB internal drilling machine, 6 GA MITSUI SEIKI coordinate and grinding machine;

- versatile machines and machines of specialized turning and milling groups.

Electroerosive shop, machine park of which includes:

- SODIK AQ537L, JAPAX LS-500X electrocarving machines;

-  AGIE 4U electroerosive machine;

- JAPAX LS-500X electrocarving machines;

- SODIK AQ 55L, JAPAX DS-45HC electrobroaching machines, SODIK КС1 superdrill.

The shop is equipped with EYAPT JAPAX programmers, EROWA PRESET 3D MAN control and measuring machine and FARO coordinate and measuring complex.

Metal workshop.

Repair group for fixtures and equipment.

Department of technical control and quality.