Tool production of «Polymer-Electron» plant is equipped with electric furnaces, in which heat treatment of articles of metals and their alloys according to the given heat treatment schedule for appropriate mark of steel and thickness of the article is carried out.


Heat treatment of moulds and dies parts of the following steel marks: Х12 М, У8А, 40 Х, 45, 65Г, 5ХНМ, 3Х2В8 is carried out.


In heat treatment area the following operations are implemented:

- annealing of welded constructions of the middle dimensions;

- tempering of columns, bushes and other details;

- hardening for increase of metal hardness, wear resistance and operating life;

- partial cementation of surfaces to increase their hardness, abrasion resistance;

- straightening of details after heat treatment.


Maximum dimension of details – 250х600х1200 mm. Maximum weight of details – 250 kg.

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