«Polymer-Electron» plant nonstandard production is specialized in designing and manufacturing of nonstandard small-scale articles of metal rolling and sheet material, plastic and wood for different purpose.


Preference of the production is: efficiency, short terms of order execution, quality of manufactured production and carrying out of works.


The plant offers different types of nonstandard metal production: fully or partially wire containers for collection of solid domestic waste (for an example, plastic tare), covered ground of places for collection domestic waste, railing etc.


Nonstandard production of the plant also produces wooden tare of saw timber to order, using different types of fasteners, tare fittings, reinforcement elements and means of slinging with armholes for fork of autoloader – everything is carried out according to the customer`s demands and drawings.

If you are interested in our offers, details of your order you can send by emailoffice@polymer.electron.ua.